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  Dear Crunch Users,
  we had a significant spam problem in this wiki (resulting in more than 1500 spammer accounts
  and several 100 non-sense pages). Therefore, we had to put better protection mechanisms in place. 
  All contributors unfortunately have to re-register their accounts (and validation through an
  admin is now in place). Apologies for the inconvenience! We largely regret to no longer be
  able to allow for open editing and adding of pages, but it seems this is the only way.
  Drop an email to Fridolin Wild if you need any help with that.
  IF YOU WANT A STUDIO ACCOUNT, fill in this form.
  Your CRUNCH team.

This is the documentation wiki of crunch, a learning analytics server for computationally-intense analyses. Crunch is managed by the Open University's Knowledge Media Institute (KMi).


Click here for the hub for tutorials. Click here for How To create tutorials.

The Services

Crunch currently offers

The 'lea' Package

Abelardo Pardo (UC3M, Madrid, Spain) and Fridolin Wild (KMi, The Open University, UK) have started to develop an R package that can serve as a framework for learning analytics development. Click here to see the work in progress. It is pretty sketchy at the moment, but a first proper release and tutorial is planned for LAK 2013.



Wish list

We are discussing several extensions: